Secure Your Financial Future – The 5 Top Reasons to Choose a Lawsons Wealth IFA

8th August, 2023

Secure Your Financial Future – The 5 Top Reasons to Choose a Lawsons Wealth IFA

As an international professional, managing your personal finances can be daunting – especially in a constantly shifting landscape with high inflation and turbulent markets.

At Lawsons Wealth, our IFAs offer expert financial advice and wealth management solutions, exclusively for expatriates – with all the backing that being part of the award-winning Lawsons Network Group brings with it.

With a personalised, impartial and holistic approach, we give you the confidence to secure your financial goals and future.

Let’s explore the five top reasons to choose a Lawsons Wealth IFA.

1. Independent and Compliant Financial Advice That’s Tailored to You

Everyone personal financial goals and priorities are different. At Lawsons Wealth, our international IFAs don’t just find out about your current financial situation. They delve into your hopes and ambitions for the future – whether that’s funding your children’s education or planning your dream retirement – and explore your attitude to risk:

  • Your IFA will create a holistic financial plan to protect and grow your wealth – revisiting it regularly to ensure your money carries on working for you.
  • Because Lawsons Wealth IFAs are independent, they’re not restricted in the advice they deliver, instead recommending products from across the market.
  • With regulatory support provided by our umbrella group Lawsons Network, our commitment to compliance adds an additional level of security.

2. Exciting and Diverse Products from Leading Global Providers

Thanks to our relationships with leading product providers from around the globe, our IFA network has access to a diverse (and constantly expanding) array of investments spanning multiple asset classes:

  • Everything from short-term fixed income products to property opportunities and exciting alternative investments – not to mention regular savings, lump sums, bonds and a range of retirement investments.
  • Unlike advisers that are tied to specific products, Lawsons IFAs are independent – so they have the freedom to recommend products that best match your risk profile and long-term financial objectives.
  • You’ll benefit from the behind-the-scenes endeavours of the Lawsons Investment Committee, who are constantly working to secure strategies that balance cost and performance to give you the best of both worlds.

3. Game-Changing Technology to Optimise Your Experience

It should go without saying that paper-based communication has been consigned to history (whatever some old-fashioned advisers may believe!) But at Lawsons Wealth, our IFA network uses cutting-edge tech that optimises every element of your experience:

  • Our cloud-based systems streamline communication – from the first time your IFA contacts you right through to meetings and recommendations – making it easy to share information and communicate securely.
  • Our client portal makes it quick and easy to view your live investments and see how your portfolio is performing.
  • Cash flow modelling enables your adviser to illustrate your projected returns in the context of your unique financial circumstances.
  • Our bespoke technology powers digital signatures and biometric AML checks – saving time and providing peace of mind that your personal details and transactions are safe and secure.

4. A Transparent, Customer-Centric Approach That’s Never Pushy

We’ve handpicked our financial advisors for their expertise, passion and integrity – and we empower them with everything they need to deliver world-class independent financial advice.

  • We place human relationships firmly at the heart of everything we do, our culture prioritises transparency at every stage of the advice process.
  • We don’t believe in being pushy and will never scaremonger. Instead, our advisers take pride in finding out what matters to you.
  • Your IFA can leverage their expertise to recommend dynamic solutions that match your goals and risk profile.

5. Peace of Mind and Confidence To Navigate the Financial Landscape

Markets fluctuate. Circumstances change. Goals evolve. And opportunities arise.

At Lawsons Wealth, our financial advisers take pride in building relationships that last for the long term – which means we’re there, whatever curveballs life throws your way.

  • Our IFAs keep their fingers on the beating pulse of the constantly shifting global wealth management industry – so you don’t need to.
  • With a detailed understanding of your motivation and your goals, our IFAs are alert to the latest opportunities – guiding you through turbulent times and helping you add value to your portfolio.

Ultimately, with a authorised and regulated Lawsons Wealth adviser, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a dedicated adviser to help you navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

From lifestyle and retirement planning to savings and investments, find out more about how Lawsons Wealth will help you leap into the life you want. To book a meeting with an IFA, get in touch.

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