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We help international professionals achieve their retirement goals.

Retirement Planning


Continue living the life you’ve worked to create, even when you’ve stopped earning a regular salary.

Anxious about whether you’re on track to meet your retirement goals – funding your children through university, maintaining your current lifestyle or paying off the mortgage, for example? Are you considering transferring your pension? Maybe you’re unsure about how much you have saved up in old frozen pensions from previous employers?

Although it may seem a long way off, it’s never too late to start planning your dream retirement. And as an international professional, there are a few additional complications – as well as some amazing benefits – to factor into your plans.

Taking a big picture approach, our team of independent experts will help you optimise your retirement plans – ensuring you’re able to continue to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to obtain. From conducting investment and pension reviews to talking you through your pension transfer options – including SIPPs and QROPS – we’ll delve into your plans and help you put everything in order for a stress-free retirement.

Why Choose Us?

Human relationships are essential to the way we work. We’ve handpicked our team of experienced IFAs for their expertise, passion and integrity – and we’re committed to empowering them to deliver world-class advice to you. Plus, benefit from the experience and knowledge of the wider Lawsons Wealth team, whose expertise gives access to the most sustainable investment opportunities.

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Why Choose Us?

How We Help


Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) are international pension plans that are recognised by HMRC.

Benefits include:

  • Larger tax-free payments at 55
  • Greater tax efficiency if you haven’t been resident in the UK for 10 years
  • Boosting your investment freedom and choice
  • No need to worry about future UK legislation changes
  • Withdrawals in your currency of choice

For any pension with a value of over £30,000, you’re legally obliged to obtain professional advice before transferring. Let our team of international retirement experts help.

Pension Review

Have you worked in the UK at some point during your career? Then you’re likely to have at least one UK pension. But it takes time and energy to track them down.

Let us do the hard work for you. As part of your complimentary pension review, we’ll:

  • Take on the admin headache that comes with locating your frozen pensions
  • Assess how your pensions are performing
  • Discuss whether a pension transfer is a good option for you
  • Delve into your retirement plans, with questions on everything from your current country of residence to your tax position, attitude to risk and pre-retirement goals

From there, we’ll give you a holistic understanding of your current pension position in the context of your wider plans for your financial future – and recommend steps to ensure you achieve your goals.


Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) are UK-based pensions that boost your control of your pension fund – and give international professionals the chance to benefit from double taxation agreements.

With a SIPP, you’ll enjoy:

  • More investment choice
  • Larger tax-free payments at 55
  • Greater flexibility when it comes to income options when you retire
  • Reduced admin, by combining all your pensions into one pot, and (potentially) lower fees
  • The power to improve your tax efficiency by managing your investment throughout your working life

We’ll help you optimise your international status, guiding you through your options to find the right one for you.

UK Pension Transfer

Are you an international professional with one or more UK pension? With transfer values high and bond yields low, now’s a good time to think about transferring your pension.

Reasons to consider transferring include:

  • Boosting your tax efficiency by transferring to a SIPP or a QROPS
  • Concerns that Final Salary Schemes risk falling into the Pension Protection Fund
  • Increasing your investment freedom

Our team of pension experts will help you understand the risks and benefits of transferring – and recommend options that match your retirement goals and appetite for risk.

How We Do It

When it comes to planning your financial future, we’re with you for the long term. We start by delving into your dreams and developing a holistic understanding of what’s important to you. Then, using our experience and expertise, we devise a detailed plan to protect and grow your wealth. And as our relationship and your goals evolve, we’re constantly striving to help you prosper. Year after year.

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How We Do It

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