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Are you a socially-conscious international professional, looking to invest in a company that shares your values? Perhaps you’ve recently come into a significant sum and you’re looking for the best way to invest? Are you on the hunt for a regular savings strategy that priorities flexibility? Or interested in leveraging the multiple benefits of an offshore investment? Maybe you’d like to maximise your tax efficiency by exploring portfolio bond options?

Dreams, goals and attitudes to risk vary wildly from person to person. Not only do our expert IFAs review your current investments. They take the time to get to know you as an individual. And from there, they create a personalised strategy designed to achieve your objectives – then revisit it regularly as your goals evolve.

Specialising in investment advice encompassing everything from regular savings to lump sums, portfolio bonds and alternative investments – with a particular focus on sustainable investment options – our determination to secure your financial future drives everything we do.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission to protect and grow your wealth underpins all we do – and our investment committee is constantly working to ensure that our portfolio of products meets this goal. Embracing a long-term approach to growth, we’re always on the hunt for strategies that balance cost and performance to give you the best of all worlds.

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Lawsons Wealth
Why Choose Us?

How We Help

Alternative Investments

Do you invest in the stock market and other potentially volatile vehicles?

Would you like to diversify your income with secured, asset backed fixed income concepts?

Thanks to our relationship with a leading provider, we give you access to an alternative financial strategy via an unparalleled suite of fixed income loan notes – where the duration, income, currency exposure and underlying assets are fixed.

This gives you:

  • A genuine hedge against market volatility
  • Security, thanks to our partner’s commitment to only work with providers that have a 100% track record

Investment Review

As an expat professional with international status, you’re likely to be enjoying benefits not experienced by your peers at home.

But do you know where your pensions are? And are you confident that your current investments will fulfil your retirement goals?

An investment review involves:

  • Delving into your aspirations and goals
  • Assessing your current investments and pensions
  • Helping you understand whether you’re on track to achieve your goals – and if not, what you need to do to change course
  • Making recommendations to help you diversify

Let one of our independent international savings and investment experts audit your financial plans and help secure your financial future.

Lump Sums

To take advantage of the stock market ebb and flow, there’s one factor that trumps all others: time. The greater the length of your investment, the more time your money has to grow.

Have a significant sum you’d like to invest – from a sale, bonus, pension or inheritance, perhaps?

Our expert IFAs have access to a huge range of funds and will recommend options to achieve your goals.

Unlike bank savings where you can lose value, lump sum investments keep a large proportion of your cash working for you. Other benefits include:

  • A risk factor to match your approach
  • Potential for larger returns over the long term
  • Fewer transactional costs, meaning lower fees
  • No need to make regular payments

Portfolio Bonds

Would you like to wrap up your savings, investments and deposits in a convenient, tax efficient way?

An important element of any investment strategy, portfolio bonds deliver a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Tax efficiency, including inheritance tax benefits
  • Flexibility
  • A huge range of choice in terms of risk
  • Privacy and security
  • Diversity

Your expert international adviser will talk you through your options and recommend a solution tailored to your unique circumstances.


Looking for strategies to diversify your portfolio?

Thanks to the low correlation between the property market and equities, investing in UK property offers protection against market volatility – and an alternative stream of wealth creation.

Through collaboration with the UK’s leading property developers, we give you the opportunity to invest across sectors ranging from residential to commercial, hospitality and logistics.

Offering fixed income investments, alternative strategies, buy-to-let portfolios, property portfolio management, green real estate investments and regeneration projects, the benefits of our service include:

  • Short and long-term opportunities
  • Access to high-yield projects across the country

Regular Savings

Expatriates like you have an incredible opportunity to save – maximising returns and tax efficiency while earning higher salaries.

But to do so effectively, the right advice is crucial. With an impartial, holistic approach, our international experts will devise a targeted plan that evolves with your goals, helping you:

  • Reduce volatility and maximise returns with dollar-cost averaging (investing smaller amounts regularly over a long period)
  • Capitalise on the opportunities created by working abroad, including offshore investments
  • Compensate for any benefits you may lack as an expat, including access to company retirement schemes
  • Understand how long you should save for to achieve your goals – and tailoring the amount you save to your circumstances
  • Find an approach that suits your attitude to risk

How We Do It

When it comes to planning your financial future, we’re with you for the long term. We start by delving into your dreams and developing a holistic understanding of what’s important to you. Then, using our experience and expertise, we devise a detailed plan to protect and grow your wealth. And as our relationship and your goals evolve, we’re constantly striving to help you prosper. Year after year.

The Smart Choice
Lawsons Wealth
How We Do It

Interested In Sustainable Investments –
Those That Deliver Optimal Growth For The Long Term?

Spanning our full suite of investment products, we offer an extensive range of sustainable and ethical options – including ESG (environmental, social and governance) portfolios – the funds within which prioritise:

  • Conservation of the natural world – carbon emissions and deforestation, for example
  • Consideration of people and relationships – including human rights and customer satisfaction
  • Standards for running a company – such as board composition and shareholder rights

We also offer Shariah-compliant investments – a range of ethical funds that comply with Islamic law.

With a personal and unbiased approach, your IFA will recommend sustainable and ethical funds that match your objectives and approach to risk. Whatever your investment focus, we’ll help you secure your financial future with an investment that delivers sustainably for the long term.

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